Remote Support Services

When costs are continuously going up and companies charge travelling and transportation costs in their Support Services, remote support is a perfect alternate solution to all your IT needs. More often than not, Remote Support services occurs between IT solution providers and their clients and businesses they support. At Pfeiffer Solutions, we have a convenient way to temporarily allow on demand a highly trained technical support technician to connect with you and your computer, identify and diagnose your computer problem and resolve it through Remote Support and without ever leaving our office. This allows you to save time and money by quickly and affordably resolving your computer issues.

We represent a revolutionary new PC support model for Home Users, Home Professionals, Telecommuters and Small to Medium-Sized Businesses. Our service is safe, secure, efficient and firewall friendly requiring no port mapping or need to modify your network infrastructure. This service is 100% client permission based.

If you have a working connection to the Internet, we can provide on on-site support in real-time without ever coming to your home or office no matter where you are in the world.
So while you are having your beer at home, we would be fixing your computer.

The connection between our staff and your computer is achieved through a 256 bit encrypted connection as to complete the support call securely and effectively. Using this remote support solution, let Pfeiffer Solutions be your sole IT department or help desk solution for your organisation. Already have an over-burdened IT department? Let us assist and  compliment your IT department with a help desk support solution and let your IT department get back to completing the more complicated onsite tasks of your organisation.

Need advanced support solutions for your business? We offer Remote Managed Services in which Pfeiffer Solutions can remotely monitor and effectively manage your company’s servers and client machines be it small business, or enterprise network or server and computer infrastructure. We believe not only in troubleshooting or fixing your computer issues but we also educate and walk you through the same, for your future reference and steps to prevent and avoid similar problems. We also provide an after resolution analysis of the issue that you faced.