Desktop and Server Servicing

Server Maintenance :-
Pfeiffer Solutions provides Server Maintenance Servicing by auditing your servers. We check hard disk space availability, insure application functionality, certify redundancy, apply service packs and updates to ensure that data is being backed up and confirm security. This also enables us to spot potential risks and to make recommendations on hardware and software upgrades when needed. Additionally, we can work with you to develop an internal permission structure that provides select access to data, to only those authorised.

Our server maintenance plans include:

1.  24/7 online helpdesk and telephone support
2.  24/7 monitoring of client machines and servers
3.  Monitor and tweak system performance
4.  Scheduled Back-up and Monitoring
5.  Event log Analysis for recurring issues
6.  Hard Drives cleaning-up
7.  Antivirus definition updates
8.  Notification of hardware or disk space issues
9. Apply Microsoft Windows updates —Security Updates, Software Updates or Application Updates and recognized by Microsoft Baseline Security Analyser (MBSA)

Desktop Maintenance :-
Pfeiffer Solutions provide regular maintenance of desktops that include virus and spam protection and ensures optimal performance of your desktop PCs. Our maintenance plans include applying software upgrades, updates and patches, reviewing disk space utilisation, de-fragmenting hard drives and troubleshooting issues.

Our desktop maintenance plans include:

1.  24/7 online helpdesk and telephone support
2.  24/7 monitoring for errors
3.  Anti-spyware software installation, scanning, updates
4. Check for Malware, Spyware and Ad-ware regularly
5. Tool-Bar scans like Babylon and complete removal
6.  Microsoft Windows updates
7.  Event log monitoring and analysis
8.  Remote access software configuration and updates
9.  Registry scans and repairs
10. Application updates of browsers and utilities
11. De-fragmentation of hard drives